Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a Company Name?

All named companies names must have a distinctive element, followed by a descriptive element in their name. Corporate names must also end with a corporate designation, such as Ltd., Inc. or Corp.

  • The Distinctive Element is what differentiates you from another company with a similar description. Distinctive elements can include: a Geographical location, personal name, initials, ordinary or coined words.
  • The Descriptive Element describes the nature of the business and can be very specific or generic. Eg. ABS tire repair Ltd. vs ABS Holdings Ltd.
  • A Corporate Designation applies only to incorporations. The ending you select makes no difference to the company; it’s only a matter of personal preference.

Is my Company Name Protected?

Name protection will depend on the company type you decide to register. Sole proprietorships and Partnerships do NOT receive name protection. Another company wanting to register an identical or similar name will be permitted to do so.

Name protection only applies to incorporated companies. Once you have received your name request number with a corporate designation, ie. ending with Ltd., Inc. or Corp., your business name IS protected. This prevents another company in British Columbia from registering an identical or similar name.

Can I change my Company Name?

Yes, you can change your company name at any time. A new name request number needs to be approved before filing the change of name documents with the Corporate Registry. Numbered companies can change to a named company; named companies can change to a numbered company.

How long does the registration process take?

A Proprietorship or Partnership registration will take 1-3 business day for completion. An email confirming the registration with your copy of the Statement of Registration will be sent to you.

Numbered Incorporations will be filed within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation email with the following attached: Certificate, Notice of Articles and Incorporation Application. Delivery of the completed Corporate Minute Book will follow by courier 8-10 days after the incorporate date.

Named Incorporations will be filed within 1-3 business days. Registrations for named corporations are subject to a name request approval from Corporate Registry which typically take 1-3 business days. In a confirmation email you will receive you’re: Certificate, Notice of Articles and Incorporation Application. Delivery of the completed Corporate Minute Book will follow by courier 8-10 days after the incorporation date.

*Please Note - The time is takes to receive an approved Name Request varies depending on the volume of names the corporate name examiners has to process. We have seen in the past that, typically, a name request can take 1-3 business days to be approved. However, this is an estimate and we cannot be held responsible if a name request takes longer than 3 days.

What is the difference between a Shareholder and a Director?

A Shareholder is an owner of the company. Their ownership is defined by the number of shares they receive from the company. Share certificates provide proof of an owner’s interest in the company.

A Director manages and administers the affairs of a company. They make business decisions and oversee the activities of the company. A Director may have signing authority, and can enter into contracts on behalf of the company.

What is the Registered and Records Office?

The Registered Office address is an address where the Corporate Registry will communicate to the company, such as a notice to file its annual report. The company’s registered office is also the location where legal documents can be served in the event the company is sued. This address must be a physical address in British Columbia. P.O. Box numbers are not accepted.

The company’s Records Office is where all of the corporate records, including the corporate Minute Book are kept for the company. This address must also be a physical address in British Columbia. The Registered and Records address are often the same. 

What is the authorized Share Structure?

The authorized share structure refers to the Number, Class, Value and Rights of shares that a company is authorized to issue.

Our Standard Incorporation package includes:

  • 1 Class of Common Shares

Our Multiclass Incorporation package includes the following share structure:

  • Class A Voting Common Shares
  • Class B Non-Voting Common Shares
  • Class C Non-Voting Preferred Shares
  • Class D Non-Voting Preferred Shares

Multiple classes of shares can enable greater flexibility for tax planning purposes. Please seek professional advice from an accountant or lawyer when deciding which authorised share structure option is best suited your needs.

Will I receive Share Certificates?

Yes, all Shareholders of the company will receive a Share Certificate proportionate to their interest in the Company. These share certificates will enable the shareholder to vote on company matters and to participate in the company’s profits.

How to maintain my Company?

Each year on the anniversary date of the company an Annual Report filing is required by the Corporate Registry. This will ensure the company’s records are up to date and the company remains in Good Standing. Failure to file your annual report after approximately two years will result in the dissolution of your company.

For a fee of $75.00 can submit your Annual Report filing. See the Annual Report Form in our Official Docs resource.

How do I receive my Business Number?

Every new corporation will automatically receive a new 9-digit business number from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Your business number will be included in the minute book package that is couriered to you.

A business number is a prerequisite when applying for government agency accounts including: WorksafeBC, GST/HST, PST, corporate income tax, payroll deductions or import/export tax.

Can I register my Company in other provinces?

Yes, if you are doing business in other provinces in Canada, you may wish to file an Extra-provincial Registration in one or more provinces. A Name Search Report or NUANS report is necessary if you want to register your company name in the new province. Once the name request has been approved the Extra-provincial registration can be filed. You will need to provide a Registered Office address in the province you wish to register in.

Extra-provincial Registration forms can be found in our Official Docs resource.

What is a Company Password?

When a new company is registered, the staff at will create a company password for your incorporation. This password is provided to you as a part for your incorporation package.

Your Company password will be required to make changes to your corporation or to file electronic documents with the Corporate Registry; such as, Notices of Alternation, Name Changes or Annual Reports. Your company password should not be shared and kept in a safe place.

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